Martin Delaney Opportunity Learning Center (OLC)

Martin Robison Delany

Opportunity Learning Center (OLC)

"Where Learning Continues and Students Are Achievers!"


Opportunity Learning Center (OLC) Staff

Thomasa Vandell

Andrew Bosco

Jill Guempel

Mary Gambill

Vickie Drummond
Teacher Aide/Classroom Support

The mission of the Opportunity Learning Center (OLC) is to provide a safe and positive learning evironment that encourages our students to renew their commitment to success, learn to make the right choices, and strengthen their academic and social skills.


To be respectful, responsible and safe.
Provide behavior management as the foundation of programs structure.
Enable academic, social, emotional, and behavioral development. Utilize therapeutic component focusing on development of coping strategies.
Encourage students to realize their potential. Build self esteem and self confidence. Help students to successfully transition back to a regular school environment.

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