About Us

Mission Statement

By emphasizing individual strengths in a positive learning environment, Washington High School's staff members will help students to become proficient in 21st Century content, learning skills, and tools based on our core beliefs that enhance staff performance on behalf of all students.

Core Beliefs

We believe....

1. in accountability at all levels.

2. parents and community members are respected partners in creating conditions for student success.

3. that hard work, motivation, and commitment are necessary for meaningful accomplishment.

4. that the school environment should be welcoming, safe, nurturing, and supportive.

5. that students are capable of achieving proficiency in 21st Century curriculum if given appropriate time and conditions.

6. in and respect the diverse and unique abilities of all students.

7. that all students deserve equal opportunities to learn.

8. that a quality education requires a deliberate and sustained effort to attract, develop, and retain high quality staff.

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