Parker, Heidi

Heidi Parker

Bachelor Degree from Brigham Young University in Family Science
Masters Degree from the University of Utah in Social Work

Experience in Special Education: 

1 year autism class
2 years Biology
2 years Environmental Science
2 years Earth Science

It is a pleasure to work at Washington High School as a Special Educator this year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise.  Please check Livegrades daily to monitor your child's progress and to receive communication from me.  I often email study guides for quizzes.  

I bounce between classrooms throughout the school day, so I have added my schedule for your convenience.  You can reach me at the school after 3pm by phone at 304-885-5110, please use email or Livegrades for quickest response.

p.1   G211  Environ. Science Co-Taught 

p.2   G207  Earth Science co-taught 

p.3   G211  Environ. Sci. Self-Contained 

p.4   Planning  

p. 5  G207  Earth Sci.-Co-taught 

p. 6  G209  Enviro. Sci. Self-Contained 

p. 7  G210  Earth Sci. Self-Contained

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