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During the weeks of January 21st and January 28th, WHS Counselors went in to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade classes to discuss choosing classes for the 2019-2020 school year.  Below is the information that was presented to the students.  


Power Point Presentation

Program of Studies

James Rumsey Technical Institute Application

JCS Integrated PE Policy

Credit Bearing Path
A student may earn one PE credit by taking a full year of a qualifying physically active credit bearing class AND A VIRTUAL PE COURSE at the same time.  The virtual course will be offered through WV Virtual School and a certified PE teacher will grade the course work.  Qualifying physically active credit bearing classes include: Weight Lifting, Dance, Show Choir, Marching Band, Flags & Rifles, Team Sports I & II, and Individual Dual Sports I & II.

Non-Credit Bearing Path
A high school student who successfully participates in a qualifying extra-curricular high school based sport for two complete seasons may WAIVE the PE credit needed for graduation.  No credit will be earned with this path.  Students will still need the mandatory number of credits in order to meet graduation requirements.  A record of good standing and faithful attendance must be kept by the head coach for each season and submitted on the waiver form.  You must complete two seasons, but it does not have to be in the same sport.  Once the student meets the requirements and completes the waiver form, it is given to his/her school counselor.  JCS High School based qualifying extracurricular physical activities include: cheerleading, soccer, softball, baseball, football, wrestling, track, swim, cross country, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and marching band. 

More information on these course can be found in both the Program of Studies and the Power Point Presentation (both linked above).

Leadership (10th - 12th Grades)

AP Capstone (11th - 12th Grades)
AP Seminar
AP Research

AP Computer Science (11th - 12th Grades)

WVU Engineering 101 (11th - 12th Grades)
Engineering Problem Solving

WVU Engineering 140 (11th - 12th Grades)
Engineering in History

English 101 & 102 (11th - 12th Grades)
Offered at WHS through Blue Ridge Community Technical College

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