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Here are some strategies to help you be successful in class:  Also see the files and links at the bottom of this page for some specific strategies to use!
1.  Stay organized - refer to the notebook section of your syllabus.  It's important to not just have a notebook, but to file things in their appropriate section and not just stuff it in your notebook to file late.
         a)  At the beginning of each week (or unit):  Check the weekly lesson plan on the board and write it down in your planner (if you have one).  Do  this for EVERY class you    
              have.  Then you can see which nights will be heavy homework nights. 
         b)  Schedule every activity you have (sports, 4-H, church, etc) - including free time and study time.  The stick to your schedule
2.  Actively listen in class - focus on what we are talking/writing about, ask questions as needed, stay on topic with your comments, draw sketches in margins of your notes (if you print them out) to help yourself understand.  Write down the memory tricks we discuss.
3.  Each evening:  Devote at least 10 minutes to reviewing/studying your notes from that day.  Memorize it, understand it, and write down any questions you have so you can ask then next day.
4.  Assignments:  Review first before starting the assignment.  Try to do the assignment without your notes/book - see what you know and what you still need to learn.  Those areas that you had trouble with go back and review more.
5.  DON'T GIVE UP - Just because you initially don't understand what a question is asking you, doesn't mean that you don't know the information.  Pick apart the question word by work and try to determine what knowledge it is asking you about.  Just remember:  "Quitters never win and winners never quit.  Slow and steady wins the race."
6.  Check your grades regularly (both you & your parents).  Grades will be updated Thursday of each week (usually more frequently by at least by Thursday).  Know exactly what your average is at all times.  If your teacher hasn't entered an assignment that you turned in or has made a mistake, politely ask them about it so it can get corrected.  Don't let your grade get so low that you will have a difficult time bringing it up.  It is much easier to keep a high average, than try to bring a low average up.
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