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"Follow the waving of the form.."

9-12 Visual Art:

Art 1, Drawing 1, Painting 1, Advanced Placement Art.

Art Club Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00PM

Room # F110

Contact Information

304-885-5110 Ext. 5193


1st -Art 1 (full year)

2nd - Planning

3rd -Drawing 1 (1st semester) / Painting 1 (2nd semester)

4th - Painting 1 (both semesters)

5th - Advanced Placement Art (2nd lunch)

6th - Art 1 (full year)

7th - Art 1 (full year)

About Advanced Placement

adv placement

Advanced Placement Art is a rigorous college level
class designed to prepare serious students for moving
forward with their aspirations in the visual arts.
Throughout the class students will create works that
will be included in 1 of 2 portfolios; BREADTH
This class offers young artists the opportunity to
explore higher concept works, more ambitious works,
and the chance to work more independently while participating in open critiques and open studio time.

Students must have working knowledge the elements
and principles of art.

Students must be self motivated and driven to achieve
and challenge themselves.

Students MUST have the consent of Nelson or another art department member before joining AP.

--This class is rigorous and demands that its participants
be curious, engaged, hard working, and dedicated.--


--Take Art 1 and/or Drawing 1. Take Painting 1 and/or
Art 3 or 4. ASK an Art Dept. member what class is the
best fit for you.

--Save your work. Save ALL of your work. It may not
be your best or your favorite but it may inspire a
more worthwhile venture in the future.



This portfolio consists of 12 original works showing
the student's range in creating the illusion of depth, understanding of multiple materials and techniques,
and their knowledge and understanding of the
elements and principles of art.


Questions? Ask Nelson or another Art Dept. member.


This portfolio consists of 12 original works exciting
the artists' ability to focus on a SINGLE CENTRAL
IDEA OR SUBJECT. In this portfolio some images
may be duplicated with "detail photographs". Detail photographs are zoomed in images of area in an
artwork that are exquisitely executed and deserve
special consideration. A theme is an idea or subject
matter that appears, progresses, or evolves throughout
all of the artworks. Example: Portraiture. Example:
Human and Animal Relationships both positive and negative.

Not all AP students will submit portfolios for review.
But for those who do many colleges/universities offer
class credit.

Questions?? Ask Nelson.

Useful Links
art-drawing?course=ap-studio-art-drawing (Drawing Portfolio)
art-2-d-design?course=ap-studio-art-2-d-design (2-D
Design Portfolio)

What is the Difference???

Drawing: Centers on depth, realism, style, use of
elements. Mostly traditional take on portfolios.

2-D Design: Centers on the principles of art. Consider
things like pattern, usage of space, awareness of color
scheme manipulations, line variety and the like. Less
traditional and more interpretive. Less about technical
proficiency, more about concept and composition.

Class Guide: Nelson



This is an entry level visual Art class. This class
lasts 2 semesters. It has no prerequisites. It is open
to all WHS students. Students are encouraged to
flex their creative muscles and develop an
understanding and appreciation for a variety of art forms. All students are welcomed. You are here to learn, to explore, and to discover hidden depths.
Many different materials and techniques are worked with in Art 1. These material will include but not be limited to drawing pencils, watercolor, and some sculpting methods.
You will learn to utilize and identify the elements
and principles of art and design through creative
and academic exercises.


This is an entry level visual Art class BUT can be an exellent intermediate class for those who wish to
brush up on their basics and improve their drafting. This class lasts 1 semester. It has no prerequisites.
It is open to all WHS students. All students are welcomed and encouraged to explore their
creativity here. In this class students will focus on creating good draftsmanship habits, learn techniques
to simplify complex subjects, and learn to observe
the #1 rule of shading "Follow the waving of the
Most materials will be dry materials and focus on creating the illusion of depth in a flat two-
dimensional space. Techniques such as linear perspective, gridding, schematic deconstruction,
and improved precision in observation and execution
of concepts
will be improved upon.


This is an upper level visual Art class. Its
prerequisite is that to sign up a student must
have completed and passed Art 1 or Drawing 1.
This class will focus on painting. Materials used
will include but not be limited to watercolor, acrylic paint, oil pastel, and printmaking. Projects are
intensive and rigorous and require students to be attentive and patient. All students are expected to
join Painting 1 with an understnading of basic
good craftsmanship practices and basics
understnading of clean drawing techniques.
Basic drawing skill and techniques are developed
in Art 1 and Drawing 1.
Painting is a worthwhile pursuit for the creatively inclined. Do not be deterred by a belief that you
"can't paint". This is precisely the reason to take
the class. It is an excellent precursor to AP and a wonderful opportunity to explore new processes
and new materials.
Please consult your friendly neighborhood Art
Dept member with any questions you may have.

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