Class of 2018

IMPORTANT: Important information regarding Graduation Tickets: Graduation will be on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at Shepherd. Each senior who has all debts paid and who is participating in graduation will receive 5 tickets. Incentive Tickets can be earned if students attend school regularly from Monday, September 25-May 18, get excellent grades, and behave appropriately.

  1. No late arrivals, no early releases, no absences, no ISS, no OSS – 2 incentive tickets.
  2. Not more than 2 late arrivals, not more than 2 early releases and not more than 3 absences, no ISS, No OSS – 1 incentive ticket.
  3. Not more than 5 late arrivals, not more than 5 early releases, not more than 5 absences, and no ISS or OSS, a drawing will be held and 10% of the pot will be drawn. Example 100 names – 10 names drawn – 1 incentive ticket
  4. Missed too many days for attendance drawing? Those with no ISS or OSS will be eligible in a drawing of 20% of the pot for 1 incentive ticket . Example 200 names – 20 names drawn for 1 ticket each.
  5. Academic incentive: Straight A’s first semester and for third nine weeks – 1 incentive ticket.

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